Forest Publications consists of a group of writers-cum-editors based at the Forest, a non-profit art space in the heart of Edinburgh with an international reputation. The editorial board is subject to change, but retains a core of writers and artists, and currently consists of Magda Boreysza, Mike Bowdidge, Ericka Duffy, Jane Flett, Aiko Harman, Nick Holdstock, Martin McKenna, Benjamin Morris, Jason Morton and Ryan Van Winkle.

For more information on Forest Publication please visit: http://www.forpub.com

We are based at The Forest, which includes an alternative art gallery, a performance space featuring nightly live music events, a vegetarian cafe, and a space for exchanging skills, languages, and art forms through free workshops.

In all its manifestations, The Forest is a well-loved fixture of the Edinburgh art and music scene.

Visit The Forest site here: http://forestcafe.tumblr.com/

Forest Publications, a small press based in Edinburgh, UK, is publishing a book featuring short stories, poetry, biographical accounts, musical journalism, essays, photography and artwork inspired by a a particular song. Whether it was a tune that drove you to tears, then to the page; a melody that can transport you to different time and place, or a debaucherous adventure centred around a killer gig, we’d like to present your work as an homage to the relationship between literature and music.

Submissions should generally be less than 5000 words.

Send submissions to:submissions@forpub.com

Send photos and artwork as high-res images

Deadline: October 30, 2010


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